Integrative Pain Strategies

Pain Treatment - Integrative Pain Management Series

Two of the most important strategies that integrative medicine uses to combat persistent pain are:

  • A wide perspective to see the problem in its entity
  • A large pain-treatment toolbox

Equally important, is understanding the connection between mind and body.   There’s an old adage that if the only tool in your box is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. When you have more integrative tools in your toolbox, you have more options to offer patients. Instead of the conventional pain management strategies of therapy, medications, injections and surgery, your toolbox broadens to include breathing, nutrition, herbs, counseling, group support, yoga, meditation and even volunteering.   Integrative medicine understands that our body and mind are intertwined. Conditions that affect the physical body have effects on mental well-being, and conditions that affect our mental well-being can cause diseases in our body. By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects to chronic pain, more long-lasting healing can occur.

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