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Persistent Pain

Nutrition Wellness

Intermittent Fasting

Is fasting something you have considered but never tried? Have you heard of a new trend in nutrition called “intermittent fasting?” Believe it or not, every person watching this video has already experienced intermittent fasting to some degree. In this episode, Dr. Oswald discusses…

Pain Treatment - Integrative Pain Management Series

Integrative Pain Strategies

Two of the most important strategies that integrative medicine uses to combat persistent pain are: A wide perspective to see the problem in its entity A large pain-treatment toolbox Equally important, is understanding the connection between mind and body.   There’s an old adage that…

Pain Treatment - Integrative Pain Management Series

Acute Pain vs. Persistent Pain

Acute and  persistent pain are very different clinical conditions. Acute pain is a result of tissue injury or inflammation, and serves the vital purpose of alerting you that there is an injury or disease in part of your body that you should attend to…