Mood Movement Wellness

Stretch Your Body… And Emotions

Gentle stretching creates more space in your body as well as more space in your day! How does it do this? So glad you asked!

Stress can be stored in our bodies in the form of tightness in our muscles. Eventually these tightened muscles can lead to restricted blood flow, poor posture, and pain. You may notice that after a stressful day at work, or a fight with your loved one, that you suddenly have back pain or a headache. We can relieve some of this stress by stretching our muscles out and lengthening the space between our joints; thereby producing a sense of space and flexibility, both physically and mentally.

Over time, regular stretching can lower your normal stress levels. Your loved ones and co-workers might start to notice your new-found ability to move with ease, and take on previously stressful tasks with a more “flexible” attitude. Think of the space that will be created in your day by the removal of unwanted restrictions in your body and mind!

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