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Safe Harbor with Community
Connecting Mood Wellness

Finding a ‘Safe Harbor’ with Community

Whenever you are dealing with a struggle in your life, whether it’s your emotional or physical health, it can make all the difference to be part of a community of people who are struggling with similar issues. “We’re all just walking each other home.”…

Pain Treatment - Integrative Pain Management Series

Integrative Pain Strategies

Two of the most important strategies that integrative medicine uses to combat persistent pain are: A wide perspective to see the problem in its entity A large pain-treatment toolbox Equally important, is understanding the connection between mind and body.   There’s an old adage that…

Connecting Mood Wellness

Positive In, Positive Out

It only takes a smile or a positive gesture to completely brighten someone else’s day! If you don’t think your actions have an impact on someone else, you might want to reconsider! Recent studies do show that positive interventions aimed at cultivating positive feelings…