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5 Fun Facts From a Functioneer

  1. Develop ‘brain envy’. Danielle G. Amen, MD coined this term, which means to protect your head from injury by being mindful of the importance of your brain and how it serves you. He is the author of many brain books, including “Magnificent Mind at Any Age,” and states that our brain is our most valuable organ; guess Freud was wrong. Please use a sport specific helmet approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 100 percent of the time when biking or playing a sport where a head impact is expected. Make sure the helmet fits properly to provide maximum protection against injuries.
  2. Reduce inflammation by limiting red meats, packaged crackers/chips. Replace corn, cottonseed, grape seed, peanut, safflower, soy and sunflower oils with extra virgin olive oil when possible.
  3. Motivation is what gets you started – habit is what keeps you going. Walking is an activity that most people can do to improve their endurance. Supportive shoes are the only equipment you will need. Begin with a 5-10 minute daily walk. You can increase walking time by 5 minutes per day until you reach 30 minutes daily, most days of the week. Increase your pace as you become more fit. Most people can walk a mile in 15-30 minutes. Take different routes and share a walk with a friend.
  4. Protect your back, stretch your hamstrings. Bill Holcomb, PhD, professor of athletic training at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, recommends the goose-step march: Slowly lift your leg straight out in front of you, alternating as you walk with your normal stride length. While others may think you’re doing a Monty Python skit, it is an effective hamstring stretch.
  5. Breathing is a relaxation technique that can be done anywhere. Sit, stand, or lay with your hands on your abdomen. Inhale slowly through your nose, and feel your abdomen rise. Then exhale slowly through your nose, feeling your abdomen release. As you breathe in, let your abdomen rise and allow your ribs to expand. As you breathe out, let your abdomen release and then let your ribs release. Try staring with 5-10 minutes, but feel free to relax as long as you wish. Remember you deserve some time to recharge.


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