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Don’t baby your buds!

Red Green Kale

There are 6 different tastes in our diet including sweet, bitter, salty, pungent, astringent and sour. It is helpful to know that there is an evolutionary basis for our sweet tooth. Historically, sweet foods are less likely to be harmful, while bitter foods tend to warn of poisonousness. So imagine you are in the wild, foraging for food — plants that taste sweet are more likely to be edible. The young of our species have a tendency to put things in their mouths; to prefer sweet foods may prevent the toddler from accidentally eating a bitter, possibly poisonous, food.

Unfortunately, as we mature, our taste buds often don’t grow out of this sweet phase and therefore we continue to prefer sweets which are readily available, thus, we consume them. So help your tastebuds grow up and blossom into enjoying the full range of tastes. Don’t baby your buds.

Green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium. In fact, the bitter taste of many leafy vegetables may reflect their levels of calcium. They’re also rich in luetins, vitamin K, vitamin C, some forms of Vitamin B like vitamin B5.

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