Spring Cleaning for Pain Relief using Your Breath

Pain arises in many forms – physical, emotional, chronic, intermittent, mild and extreme. While your health care team guides you and supports you in your healing process, you may also wish to explore some self-care options.

Spring Cleaning is not just for houses and homes, let’s also use the momentum of this season to clean out the fatigue and sluggishness of our bodies.

You can start with a gentle breathing exercise. A slow, smooth, quiet and continuous breath system.

As you practice diaphragmatic breathing, lay down on your back in a comfort and quiet manner where you can focus on your breathing and feel free from worldly distractions. Breathe through your nose. Smoothly, slowly and continuously. Allow your abdomen to rise as you breathe in and watch your abdomen descend and flatten as you exhale. Your upper chest and shoulders remain quiet and still. Practice this ‘gentle breathing’ for 5-15 minutes daily or whatever is within your capacity.

Observe the reactions of your mind and body as your soothing breath leads you to deeper and deeper states of relaxation. Cleaning out the tension in your mind and body easily begins with gentle breathing. I hope you enjoy this soothing exercise.

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