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Creating a Self-care Plan

The Pillars of Health for everyone include:

  • cleansing & nourishing
  • resting & movement
  • solitude & fellowship.

I will share with you an overview of these categories and then talk about a self-care plan.


Cleansing and Nourishing

Out with the old and in with the new!

Cleansing of the body is constantly happening via perspiration, urination, bowel movements and exhaling the used air in your breath. Of these four, breathing will give you the most immediate feedback and can be done anywhere.

Nourishing yourself with great food, great thoughts, and great fellowship will always be helpful. Choose foods that are simple, delicious, and plant based if possible. The old adage is, only eat food that will spoil or rot, and eat it before it does!

I support the use of fresh foods (which can still be cooked, or not), whole grains, natural beverages and a diet that is good for you and chosen by you (not by marketing campaigns in the media).


Resting and Movement

Stillness and rest are essential to rejuvenation. I encourage everyone to practice relaxation every day. There are many relaxation exercises and in this blog I will share many styles with you.

Movement is the key for improving the circulation and metabolic functions over every organ, gland, tissue and fluid in your body. It is also beneficial for your mind and emotions. Stretch and move in a manner that is fun and safe for you. You don’t need to take a class to walk, wiggle and wander.


Solitude and Fellowship

Private time for writing and reflecting on your life. Take a few moment each day to consider what you have done and what you are planning to do.

Community and connection are essential for all of us. Whether your community is a party of two or a party of many, choose to join those who feel inspired and supported by your presence in their life. Likewise, I hope that they will also inspire you and support you on your life’s journey.


Now let’s take a few minutes to design a self-care plan.

Take your six pillars and list one tiny, yet significant change or addition that will be easy to work into your life, here are some examples for your consideration:

  • cleansing – I will drink 2 glasses of water every morning and afternoon
  • nourishing – I will have a banana every morning and a ruby red grapefruit every evening
  • resting – I will sit still and practice 3 minutes of gentle breathing before lunch and dinner
  • movement – I will get up from my desk every 90 minutes for a 3-5 minute walk & breath break
  • solitude – I will start to keep a simple journal about what feels important to me today and then review this in a few weeks to look for trends and insights about myself.
  • fellowship – I will nourish friendships that are mutually good, kind and growth producing.


If you can, team up and share this exercise with a partner. Give each other feedback and encouragement. Then, adjust the care plan and begin. I hope you and your partner will inspire each other. If there is no partner, use your smartphone to remind you when it is time to breathe, or walk, or rest or dine.


Taking a few simple steps on the road to self-care will have tangible benefits, further inspiring you to continue growing and exploring. Have fun and start today!

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