An Experiment

There is so much debate about health care reform and much political posturing. The problem, from my viewpoint, is that the conceptual framework they are using for the basis of change is itself catastrophically broken. I am not really interested in health care reform.

I am interested in health care transformation. While healthcare reform seems like a daunting task of immense proportion; healthcare transformation involves each person evaluating their own health and reclaiming their body’s innate power to heal and to be healthy. Have we forgotten the immense power our bodies have to heal?

Our bodies know exactly what to do to mend our skin after a cut. Vast arrays of chemical reactions are occurring within us daily to keep our internal ecosystem in balance. When given the needed ingredients; fresh whole food, clean water, rest, shelter and a clear and calm mind, our bodies can do amazing feats to maintain balance and repair any damage.

How about an experiment of health care transformation where you are the captain of your own health care team, knowing we all come outfitted with all the needed equipment?

I feel Happiness Revolution in the air as we all are empowered to treat ourselves and our health with tender, loving care.

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