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Take Two Aspens

Many research studies discuss how inflammation can impair your health. High levels of inflammatory chemicals in our bodies have been linked to conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, periodontal disease, type II diabetes and certain cancers to name a few. Research studies…

Connecting Mood Wellness

Music Therapy

I love looking at a variety of ways that health and healing can be delivered. I was thinking about music and music therapy the other day as a great way to help individuals cope with trauma. Generally, trauma is seen from the individual as…

Mood Wellness

A Lesson in Mindfulness: Dishwashing

Looking for a way to expand your mindfulness practice? Try washing dishes! Mindfulness just means staying in the present moment. No, that doesn’t include thinking about your next meal, not having paid your taxes yet, or that vacation you took to Hawaii last week.…

Mood Movement Wellness

Stretch Your Body… And Emotions

Gentle stretching creates more space in your body as well as more space in your day! How does it do this? So glad you asked! Stress can be stored in our bodies in the form of tightness in our muscles. Eventually these tightened muscles…

Connecting Mood Wellness

Positive In, Positive Out

It only takes a smile or a positive gesture to completely brighten someone else’s day! If you don’t think your actions have an impact on someone else, you might want to reconsider! Recent studies do show that positive interventions aimed at cultivating positive feelings…