Pain Treatment: Integrative or Conventional

Pain Treatment - Integrative Pain Management Series

Not everyone has the same idea of what tools are included in conventional medicine’s treatment for pain. For example, before I added an integrative approach to my practice, I would’ve considered chiropractic care to be part of my regular conventional approach, while I had many colleagues practicing in the same city who would not refer their patient to a chiropractor because they considered chiropractic care to be ‘complementary’ or ‘alternative’ medicine.

Integrative medicine strives to use strategies that are available in a conventional medical practice, while blending them in a synergistic way with traditional practices that include massage, movement therapy, nutritional counseling, herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy and other mind-body strategies.

My top four interventions for managing pain include:

  • Breathing techniques to promote relaxation and healing
  • An anti-inflammatory style diet to reduce inflammatory properties in food
  • Safe movement and exercise
  • Exploration of options for people to connect with groups who support their healing journey

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