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Plug for Unplugging Using Meditation
Mood Wellness

My Plug for Unplugging Using Meditation

Meditation allows you to “unplug” from your thoughts and feelings. It is one of my most recommended suggestions to help calm and still the constant motion in the mind. In this video I introduce meditation using the image of a pond. I explain not…

Mood Movement Wellness

Health Benefits of Floating

There are a number of positive effects that floating can have, not only on your physical body, but also on your mental state. Not familiar with the practice?  In this segment, Dr. Oswald will walk you through the process so all you need to…

Connecting Mood Wellness

Effects of Meditation

Meditation is the best way to remove yourself from the events of the day and the chatter of your mind, and get in touch with your insightful self. Also, regular practice of meditation is shown to change the physiology of your brain… Listen to…

Nutrition Wellness

Handmade Food: Dig in!

Food is a medicine that we need to take every day. Food can prevent, treat and even reverse disease. Improving your diet can help fight obesity, diabetes, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, depression and reduce cancer. The United States Department of Agriculture’s 2005 Dietary…

Mood Wellness

A Lesson in Mindfulness: Dishwashing

Looking for a way to expand your mindfulness practice? Try washing dishes! Mindfulness just means staying in the present moment. No, that doesn’t include thinking about your next meal, not having paid your taxes yet, or that vacation you took to Hawaii last week.…