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Nutrition Wellness

Intermittent Fasting

Is fasting something you have considered but never tried? Have you heard of a new trend in nutrition called “intermittent fasting?” Believe it or not, every person watching this video has already experienced intermittent fasting to some degree. In this episode, Dr. Oswald discusses…

Nutrition Wellness

Plant Based Proteins

Protein does not have to come from meat products.  Dr. Oswald showcases some very tasty plant based foods that also happen to have a lot of protein.…

Nutrition Wellness

Cacao Tea, Please!

Packed with polyphenols, minerals and phytonutrients, cacao tea is a delicious alternative to coffee.  As Dr. Oswald discusses in this video, there are many health benefits to drinking cacao tea. Steep yourself a cup and enjoy……

Nutrition Wellness

Breakfast Smoothie

In her latest short video, Dr. Oswald heads to the kitchen to teach us about a great breakfast idea and all the benefits you can gain with some select ingredients. Take a look:…