Connecting Movement Wellness

You Only Live Once

Knowledge can act as a healing force. Often when someone has a serious injury they feel vulnerable to future injury and they feel they cannot depend on their body to function. Out of fear of re-injury, they may avoid activities that bring joy and meaning to their life.

I remember one woman who had completely recovered from a pinched nerve due to disc problem in her low back. We discussed the importance of continuing her exercises for core strengthening and hamstring flexibility. She incorporated this knowledge into her regular exercise program and had no further back symptoms. Several months later, she asked for my advice about some upcoming travel plans. After her son’s high school graduation, they had planned to vacation in Europe, traveling the countryside on bicycles. She was hesitant and worried about the trip, thinking that she should not go on the trip due to risk of re-injury.

We talked at length about how the consistent effort she put in had rehabilitated her spine. Her ongoing maintenance exercise program had created a spine that was healthier than before her injury. She had no need to view her spine as fragile. I did suggest that she adjust the bicycle seat and handlebars to her size, to change position from time to time, and take some great pictures. She had a wonderful time! Two years later, she backpacked across Spain with friends and loving life; YOLO.

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